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Documents Home Inspection Related Documents Instruction manuals, guides, technical bulletins, and more will be listed below. These resources may provide great references to reinforce issues found during a home inspection. Deficiencies related to items and components found in the references below should not be viewed as an all-inclusive listing of such deficiencies as a home […]

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Trees – Friend or Foe?

Do you have a lot of trees in your yard? Trees can provide shade, privacy, protection from wind and many other benefits. Also, many types of trees live for quite a long time. There are problems, however, when trees either grow too old if there is disease or insect infestation that damages the tree. If […]

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Spring Home Maintenance.

You’re stocked up on cleaning supplies, the windows are open and you’ve officially retired your winter coat. Hello, it’s time for some Spring Home Maintenance. However, spring home maintenance goes beyond deep cleaning and organizing. Work your way through this checklist to make sure your home is ready for the change in seasons. Exterior maintenance: […]

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Are anti-tip brackets required on ranges?

Before I answer that question, I better explain what an anti-tip bracket is. In short, it’s an aptly-named device that keeps a range from tipping over. It’s about what you might imagine, and they come in a few different styles. Here’s one of them: Do we really need these? Anti-tip brackets are safety devices that […]

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Inspectors Vs. Appraisers

When I tell people what I do for a living, a common response I get is “So you’re, like, an appraiser, right?”   No…… I’m not.   The primary purpose of a home inspection is to educate the buyer about their new home, so they can make an informed decision on their purchase. The primary […]

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New Construction Inspections

One of the most common myths related to new home construction is that new homes in Las Vegas don’t need to be inspected.  I personally know several people that have purchased new homes and didn’t have them inspected because they were ‘new’.   I’ve seen far too many problems on new construction homes

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Home Warranties, are they worth it?

When performing Home Inspections in Las Vegas, there are times we inspect homes that have a home warranty or hear buyers talk about getting a home warranty.  Reviews can be mixed about home warranties. I recently read a post on a home inspector forum from

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Pre-Listing Inspections

What exactly is a Pre-Listing Home Inspection or Sellers Home Inspection?   A seller’s inspection is the same as a buyers inspection, except, the client is the person selling the home.  The seller may make the report available for potential buyers, or they may keep it private.    If the seller chooses to make the […]

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